International Business Consulting, IBC, has been working for over 20 years in business internalization consulting for Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Kirgyzstan, and is a multi-practice professional environment with a  reliable faculty of experts who have proven experience in international business and legal consulting.

IBC has independent operating units located in the province of Brescia (Italy), Moscow (Russia) and in Almaty (Kazakhstan).

Our experience covers all areas of internationalization process, from market analysis and research to commercial promotion, international legal support, advanced training courses and logistic assistance.

Our expertise is  result-oriented and we  focus our attentention to meet our customers’ needs  in every step of business expansion, from export of products to the establishment of inter-company agreements.

We accurately define personalized solutions for small and medium enterprises as well as for multinational groups on a daily basis, accepting with our customers the challenge of competition in countries with high potential.

Thanks to our staff highly specialized  in corporate legal advice, International Business Consulting can provide all necessary information related to financial benefits to support internationalization activities for companies interested in the growth and export of products and/ or services to Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Kirgyzstan





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IBC: la Consulenza commerciale e legale internazionale ad hoc